K-MAN and the well-known German brand Eibach (Aibach) on the Asia-Pacific strategy协作停止深切交换并告竣共鸣
时候: 2018-6-11 10:36:30


K-MAN General Manager Jiang Taiyun, Eibach Zhou Jia, Eibach President Wilfried Eibach, Eibach Business Development Manager Gu Jing, Eibach Asia Pacific CEO Benjamin Keogh

      Recently, Wilfried Eibach, president of the well-known German spring brand Eibach Group, Benjamin Keogh, CEO of Asia Pacific, and Gu Jing and Zhou Jia, business development managers, visited K-MAN Shanghai headquarters. The two sides exchanged in-depth exchanges on strategic cooperation in the Asia-Pacific region. A consensus on the content of the cooperation:

     Create dual-brand products in the Asia-Pacific region

      Asia-Pacific regional resource sharing

      Jointly develop the international market


     Since its inception in 2009, K-MAN has been aiming to build its own high-end shock absorber brand and truly push the “Made in China” of China's shock absorber industry to “China's quality”.


      In just a few years, K-MAN has developed from a small workshop of several hundred square meters into a high-performance shock absorber development and production enterprise with 24,000 square meters of factory area; and established K-MAN independent research and development center; has its own fleet The product covers more than 100 racing shock absorbers, a number of hot-selling civilian shock absorbers and advanced custom conversion kits. The products sell well in more than ten countries and regions in the world, and have entered the international markets of the United States, Southeast Asia and the Middle East.


       K-MAN's products have undergone innovations and upgrades one after another, and the constant is K-MAN's pursuit and persistence in product quality. At the same time, K-MAN is also convinced that in order to build the Chinese people's own shock absorber brand, excellent partners are also crucial.



     Since the establishment of K-MAN, Eibach has witnessed the growth and development of K-MAN and is a solid partner of K-MAN.

       Eibach is a world-renowned manufacturer of high-performance suspension springs, suspension components and systems. It sells well in more than 80 countries on five continents and has subsidiaries in Germany, the United States, China, the United Kingdom, Japan, Australia and South Africa. The product quality is outstanding.


       K-MAN believes that the deep exchange between K-MAN and Eibach will definitely bring a new situation to the cooperation between K-MAN and Eibach in the Asia-Pacific region.

Eibach and his party visited the K-MAN factory map


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