Champion driver and champion team
时候: 2018-6-11 10:36:44

      This is not a simple event report!

      On April 9, 2018, the Qinghai Open "Minsheng Real Estate Cup" COT Yellow River Hualong Station has just ended.
       The first qualifying, the first preliminaries, the first in the finals, for the Coman China team, this is undoubtedly an exciting result, the performance of the three-day race driver Rong Panpan has been far ahead of the opponent, but hope I hope that the first sentence I said to me in the interview is: the killing is too intense, every second counts, and I dare not have any mistakes!

     This is a high-altitude, muddy multi-flying track. The handling of corners is not the only difficulty in this track. Muddy and high altitude are the problems faced by many drivers.


      The driver told me that the biggest difficulty for her is actually the pressure of the opponent. Although Rong Panpan is a pole position, he has just surpassed the opponent of the second car position. If the water has not passed, It will be interfered by the opponent's rhythm. At that time, the two cars were very close. Rong Pan hoped that they would fight together and raise the rhythm. You must know that this is a difficult track. There are many dark pits, rhythms and If the route is slightly careless, there will be a big mistake or even a rollover. This is also what Rong Panpan loved to say in the interview: "Love will fight to win!" Fighting is courage, technology, experience, and the performance of the vehicle and the service behind a powerful team. .
      The Coman Chinese team, which is worthy of the hope, is the old face of China's cross-country races. It is also a cross-country old gun. Whether it is COC or COT or even local events, you can see Koman. Like the K-MAN shock absorber, it is always active in the front line of China's cross-country races, providing the most professional vehicle suspension commissioning service for all drivers using K-MAN shock absorbers. In this competition, the vehicles of Rong Panpan After careful debugging by Koman technicians, it is obvious that this is a high-speed track, accompanied by a large number of flying jumps. The rebound adjustment of the suspension is the focus of the training, and the dark ditch in the corner is increased again. Therefore, the support of the curve should be in place. In general, the test of the whole track is very demanding for the shock absorber. It is necessary to ensure sufficient support strength and to suppress the rapid bump of high-speed straight travel. Perfectly control the speed and strength of the rebound when jumping and landing, and Rong Panpan is driving a hard-bridged car that is clumsy. These problems are solved perfectly by the technicians of K-MAN shock absorbers. Strength and success Speak, K-MAN Chinese team and its drivers, are love to fight, who dares, so they will win, so they will always go on to win!

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