The event ‖ "Senhai" Cup National Motorsports Cross Country Obstacle Course Guizhou Station ended successfully
时候: 2018-7-10 14:52:11

     On June 18th, the “Senhai Cup” national car venue cross-country obstacle course came to an end in Guizhou.


Directly hit the arena, passionate review

      After three days of fierce competition, the drivers did not dare to work hard, and staged a realistic version of "Speed and Passion" in Wanshan with superb skills. In the end, Zhao Zhaoqian won the professional group championship, and K-MAN (China) team driver Rong Panpan finally got the fourth place due to the failure of the car during the race.


Obstacles, go forward

      "In the first lap of the final, the car broke down, the steering gear did not help, because the game time is limited, it was too late to repair, so it can only be opened like this. Who knows that the house leaks even rain, and the wiper is broken on the second lap. The outside of the glass is stained with muddy water, which poses a certain obstacle to the sight of the car, which increases the difficulty of the driver's race; then the sprinkler does not spray water, and the inner glass enters the mud. In the final 6 laps, it is basically a blind run. After the rider Rong Panpan concluded.


Not only for the champion, the spirit is forever

      Every driver on the field keeps the peak of the passion and rushes to the finish line. This is a game for honor. The track was more complicated, and only two drivers in the final women's team successfully completed the race. Driver Rong Panpan, despite the breakdown of the car, ran a lap and cancelled the results of this round. She missed the championship, but she was very impressed by the cool and vigorous running of the stadium. The complicated runway and the hardships of the schedule can't stop a positive, brave heart. The joy brought by the joy and speed brought by the sport is unmatched by anything. The beauty driver hopes that if she encounters objective obstacles repeatedly, she will insist on running the whole course and completing the competition. It is an indomitable sportsmanship. The fearless K-MAN (China) racing spirit, such glory has nothing to do with rankings. Drivers who have no final results can only be ranked on the 17th qualifying. The beautiful driver Rong Panpan still insisted on running the whole game.


 Sailing, Yinchuan fight again

      Next stop, Yinchuan Station! K-MAN (China) team driver Rong Panpan will continue to move forward and prepare for the full race, which will bring us more exciting events. I hope everyone will wait and see, and we sincerely wish her the next Achieve better results in the game. Come on, our heroes of the scarves - Rong Panpan! Come on the K-MAN Chinese team.

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