K-MAN CAS modified car show & thank you dinner, witness who is the big prize?
时候: 2018-8-22 16:01:05

CAS modified car show wonderful review

      the cas modified car show opened in the hope of many off-road refit enthusiasts. also with the cas is the typhoon "wambia", which has swept the storm, but it can't stop the enthusiasm of exhibitors and visitors. the scene of the exhibition was full of people, and the beauty of the luxury cars gathered.

      more than 700 exhibitors have tried their best to present the most exciting to the audience. the k-man vibration reduction also introduced a variety of products with excellent handling and comfort. we will also launch a new product at the end of august. the new jeep big cut vibration, this vibration can be called "global explosion", this vibration vibration completely solves the problem of modified shock absorber noise of this model, which improves the handling and comfort, avoids the corner side start. this is a problem that many brands cannot cure. k-man hopes to bring you the experience of "let your car wild with your mood."

      in 2018, the cas modified auto show was in perfect disappointment, and the organizers of the cas modified auto show affirmed our own brand. we look forward to meeting again next year.

The 2nd National Off-Road Refit Dealer Appreciation Dinner

     It coincides with the CAS Auto Show, K-MAN Vibration Reduction, Meilunmei Exchange, and the 2nd Cross-country Refit Thanks Dinner held by Handan, and 2011.08.18 opened at the Vienna Hotel of Hongqiao International Exhibition Center.

      in the cheers of everyone, k-man founder jiang taiyun, mei lumei changed feng zong, and zhou zhou took the stage to deliver a speech. at the same time, we also invited the off-road refit big coffee to share the refit experience. mr. benjamin, the general manager of k-man partner abach asia, was invited to attend the dinner and shared the spark of cooperation between aibach and k-man from an inquiry sheet.

      the selection of the cas modified car show to host a dinner is to let more refit enthusiasts have the opportunity to get together. our vision is that everyone eats well, plays well, old and new friends open their hearts and talk about wine.

Eye-catching moment

K-MAN creates for you

The precious moment is that every scene cannot be copied.

The moment before the camera, record the eternal power

Who is the big prize?

     Fortunately, the lottery can directly deduct the purchase price. K-MAN would like to thank everyone in the conversion industry for their support. At the same time, K-MAN is silently supporting the conversion business.

      Cross-country sports have always been the enduring existence of motor sports, and in the field of high-performance shock absorbers for off-road vehicles, many years in the country have faced the monopoly of foreign brands. K-MAN was born to change this situation. Liu Hongwu, head of K-MAN sales, said: As a Chinese brand, we don't let cheap and inferior quality become our own labels, so we always take serious technology and use the best quality and service to counter international brands and domestic market. Every year there is a big improvement, I hope that off-road modification can get better and better!

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