The essential figure in cross-country competition K-MAN high-end nitrogen damping
时候: 2018-9-4 9:44:37

 KMAN Shock absorber

Friends who must play with the car are familiar with K-MAN.

    (K-MAN is everywhere in the COC China Motorsports Cross Country Championships. The independent R&D center created by K-MAN has introduced a high-tech R&D team to build a high-end nitrogen shock absorption brand, which proves its quality with strength)

This custom shock absorber is compared to the original car

The total length is 4.5 cm longer

The journey is 2 cm longer

And filled with high purity nitrogen 150Psi

     (Ordinary oil and gas shock absorption requires air boosting, and air due to compression work, the temperature rises quickly, and can not be filled with too high air pressure, there are safety hazards, which limits the improvement of shock absorption performance. High purity nitrogen In addition to its own physical stability, it is not easy to deteriorate, but it increases the pressure of shock absorption and improves the performance by more than 10 times.

High strength ø20 piston rod

2.25 inch seamless steel tube storage cylinder

Large flow ø50 piston system

Double-layer brass dust seal

Dust-proof and gravel-proof effect is better

24-segment compression adjustment system makes the road selection for vehicles more extensive

Road, asphalt road, rugged road to be a free walking messenger

High-performance aviation aluminum nitrogen cylinder with toothed structure and large-aperture tubing

Increased heat dissipation and faster oil

At the same time, its value is also very resistant.

After installing the shock absorber, the height of the car has increased by four inches.

Paired with four big tires

It feels like the urban elite has turned into a green forest hero.

k-man vibration-reducing side by side with you, there is a cross-country place, there is a dazzling red figure of k-man.

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